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A Revolutionary book by Rajiv Malhotra and Satyanarayan Dasa Babaji

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The process of Sanskritization of English has begun..! It will enrich not only English but the global intellectual conscious!

Sanskrit Non-Translatables is a path-breaking and audacious attempt at Sanskritizing the English language.  It will strengthen the aura of English language with powerful Sanskrit words. This will carry forward the original and innovative idea of the non-translatability of Sanskrit, first introduced in the book,  Being Different. For English readers, this should be the starting point of the movement to resist the digestion of Sanskrit into English, by introducing loanwords into their English vocabulary without translation.

The book presents a thorough mechanism of the process of digestion and examines the loss of adhikara for Sanskrit because of translating its core ideas into English. The movement launched by this book will resist this and stop the programs that seek to turn Sanskrit into a dead language by translating all its treasures to render it redundant. It discusses fifty-four non-translatables across various genres that are being commonly mistranslated. It empowers English speakers with the knowledge and arguments to introduce these Sanskrit words into their daily speech with confidence. Every lover of India’s sanskriti will benefit from the book and become a cultural ambassador propagating it through routine communications.

The book will ignite the movement of cultural transformation of the globe. 

Rajiv Malhotra is the Chief Mentor of Bhishma School of Indic Studies.

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