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Application  for Story Teller 

Bhishma School of Sanskar

Need male and female storytellers for children of age group 7 to 14. There is no age limit, one should be to tell the story in an attractive manner (ups and downs in voice, with proper facial expressions). Selected candidates will have to tell a story every day for one hour. Remuneration of Rs. 5000/- per month will be paid.  

To participate in this project, Narrate the story of Hanumana Bringing Sanjeevani Booti from Ramayana within 8 to 10 minutes, please record the video on your mobile and upload it on Youtube. Mention the link in the form given below, which is available on our website.  Along with the processing fee of Rs. 100/- only.

After Filling out the form available on our website, send your payment to the number mentioned below.  video sent without processing fee will not be considered.

The names of the selected candidates will be published on the website on March 10.

Instructions and Rules

Record a video of your art performance and upload it to Youtube before 09 Feb 2023.

How do you record on your mobile or camera?

  • Shoot while holding the mobile horizontally. Shoot by setting the highest resolution setting in the mobile camera settings. (Recommended Full HD - 1920x1080)

  • Shooting should be done in a closed room, where there is no noise disturbance. The voice should be clear. No Disturbance or Eco.

  • There should preferably be a blank background behind it.

  • Do not shoot in selfie mode. The front camera of the mobile is of low resolution and the camera shakes while recording itself. So ask someone else to shoot you and ask him to stand at least two to three feet away from you and hold the mobile horizontally.

  • Do not read out the presentation. Practice and make a video. If you stumble, record again.

  • While shooting, stand in a place where there is plenty of light on the face.

  • The Board of Examiners will retain full authority to select the presentation.

Registration process

  • Registration is to be done online only. 

  • Fill out the form and Click the "Register" button below.

  • After submitting the form UPI ID and a QR code will be given where payment can be made.

  • Send transaction screenshot to WhatsApp - 9860176279 after Payment

  • Registration for the Storyteller activity cannot be cancelled or the registration fee paid will not be refunded. Candidates will be selected based on their presentation and Storytelling skills as well as appropriate recording. Just because the registration fee is paid does not necessarily mean that candidate is selected. Bhishma School of Sanskar has all the Rights in the Selection process.

  •  Jurisdiction Area – Pune Metropolitan Tribunal

Click here for information on How to Upload Videos on Youtube

For Inquiry Contact

Rugved Patukale:  +91 9860176279 


Thank You Everyone for participating.

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